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Botox treatment is one of the most used procedures by all facial aesthetics specialists.

Its application is indicated to combat the signs of facial aging, specifically to eliminate small wrinkles and blemishes that appear due to the activity of facial expression muscles.

Normally, procedures with a larger approach such as a facelift do not achieve the same results. The success of this aesthetic treatment depends, on the one hand, on the correct dosage of Botox and, on the other hand, on the application of it in the area to be treated.

Botulinum toxin stretch

When it comes to the removal of facial wrinkles, botox offers clear advantages:

  • Avoid surgery.

  • It can be applied at any time of the year.

  • It is a practically painless technique.

  • Its effects are immediate and last between five and six months.

  • It has hardly any contraindications.

  • It rarely produces side effects, such as allergic reactions, facial stiffness, or nausea.

The technique consists of the infiltration by an extra fine needle of the botulinum toxin in the muscle of the area to be treated, causing its relaxation and inhibiting its movement. Hence, its fundamental application in aesthetics is the treatment of expression wrinkles, that is, those that appear on the brow, forehead, the corners of the lips or the contour of the eyes.

It is very important that this treatment is applied by a specialist knowledgeable of facial anatomy, since a puncture with botox in the wrong place can generate an unwanted expression.

Areas where botox is applied; Botox is a toxin that when applied subcutaneously to the skin causes muscle paralysis of the area to be treated. Administering it to a specific area temporarily prevents the contraction of those muscles that cause the formation of expression lines when they are in motion. This means that this substance is effective only in dynamic wrinkles that are caused by facial gestures.

Exactly where is botox applied? The areas in which it is administered are the following:

Frontal wrinkles; They are the grooves that are produced by the contraction of the frontal muscle located in the forehead. By applying botox in this area we managed to eliminate the formation of the expression lines of the forehead, better known as a barcode.

Periorbital wrinkles; Periorbital? Yes, this is the name by which the commonly called “crow's feet” are known. These expression lines are formed by the contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle.


Frown wrinkles; This is one of the areas where people apply botox the most, since these wrinkles are very common and hardly respond to other treatments. The brow is wrinkled by the movement of the corrugator muscle and its correction with botox is very aesthetic and natural.

There are many aesthetic centers that currently offer botox to treat wrinkles around the lips, furrows of the neck and expression lines on the nose, however, the application of toxin in these areas is not recommended by experts. .

To treat the grooves in these areas, there are treatments that even offer a better result than botox, as is the case with hyaluronic acid injections.

Not very full lips; Botox is injected into the lips with a very fine needle, into the lip muscle group, often multiple times for best results.

Although the thought of injecting a small needle into the lip may seem painful, the lip botox procedure is relatively simple and quick. Many patients have compared the sensation of botox injections to that of a bee sting. The procedure usually lasts from five to thirty minutes.

Lip injections can be repeated as many times as necessary as they are only temporary. Typically, the fleshy appearance will begin to lose its volume within two to four months.

Today hyaluronic acid, collagen and botox injections have become the best way to increase the thickness of the lips while hydrating them. The simplest and most effective solution to show off perfect lips without surgery.

How long does the effect of botox last ?; The results of applying botox to improve the appearance of wrinkles are immediate. Although after the session the person may show a slightly swollen face due to the injection, with the passing of the hours a considerable improvement may be noticed.

Botox offers a temporary tightening effect, since as the days, weeks and months pass, the muscle weakens again until it recovers its movement after 6 months. Therefore, we can say that this is the period of time that the effect of botox lasts.

Once muscle mobility has been restored and wrinkles have re-formed, a new application is necessary.

Always go to a professional !; The application of botox is a procedure that is carried out through microinjections of botulinum toxin in the area to be treated. In order for the treatment to be as desired and successful results are obtained, the specialist must previously evaluate the person's face to determine where the injection is best without affecting the appearance of other areas of the face.

Facial rejuvenation with botox does not have to pose a health risk, much less cause unfortunate consequences.


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