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A non-invasive aesthetic procedure, which allows the patient to look more beautiful, with a defined and stylized face, designed for people who experience the first signs of aging, such as somewhat loose skin on the face.

Tensor Thread Facelift is a safe, effective alternative and represents an alternative to traditional facelift surgery known as Rhytidoplasty.

Designed to be less invasive, this procedure can reduce the loose skin around the cheekbones, jawline, and neck faster and less risky and painful than surgery.

Stretching with stretcher threads in general not only produces immediate results with less risks than surgery, but its costs are quite reasonable compared to the more invasive options.

Tensioning wires

But what are they ?; They are strands the thickness of a hair of different materials but all biocompatible, so they do not produce allergies or rejection. The most widely used in aesthetics are polydioxanone threads, a resorbable material compatible with the body. Tension threads are used in other fields of medicine, such as cardiac surgery, so they are safe, non-invasive, and can be touched up.

The Tension Threads; Thanks to the great advances in Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery, they allow us to obtain increasingly natural results with less invasive techniques, with small interventions and with great results that allow the patient to continue with their usual social and work activities.

A face, a neck with wrinkles or a relaxed neckline spoil the image, so we recommend the most revolutionary technique that has appeared in recent years, the NEW TENSION THREADS with different ways of denominating them. They allow tightening the entire angle of the neck and the facial oval without surgery without side effects and on an outpatient basis.

The implantation of the tension threads; a recommended procedure for women and men who have the first symptoms of aging. For those who want to reduce the impact of the first wrinkles or excessively furrows ". That is, it is a rejuvenation technique that does not work on very mature skin, with excessively wrinkles and extreme flaccidity.

Candidates for face lift with tension threads; The best candidates for a tightening face lift are between the ages of 30 and 60 and have relatively good skin tone. Most are beginning to notice loose skin on the face or neck but don't have too much loose skin or facial areas that may require more rigorous facelift surgery.


If the signs of aging are relatively minimal, a stretch with tensioning threads can be a good way to improve aesthetics while avoiding face lift scars and other possible side effects that sometimes occur after more intensive surgical procedures. .

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