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Profiloplasty is a set of surgeries that is used to correct the features that stand out the most in the profile and, once they have been remodeled, acquire a shape that is proportionate to the rest of the features, displaying a truly spectacular profile.

This type of surgery includes nose surgery (rhinoplasty), chin surgery (mentoplasty) and also cheek surgery (malarplasty). To achieve excellent results, the surgeon gives greater importance to the nose and chin as the main points, despite the fact that it is fixed in the lines of the jaw, the cheekbones and the existing gap between the eyebrows.

Diagnostic Appointment

During your consultation, Dr. Alberto Henao, will treat your case in depth to try to clarify as much as possible any type of doubt that you may have regarding your treatment. Because easy profiling is a set of surgeries, which outline your face with rhinoplasty as the main point, since the nose is the central point of the face, different measurements and revisions should be made to define:

  1. The scope of each procedure

  2. The results

  3. The risks and care

  4. Scheduling for taking exams and diagnostic photographs

Trying to offer you an objective and honest opinion from a clinical point of view based on functional and aesthetic parameters. Despite this, your own goals and all your considerations are very important so they are always taken into account.

Your health, comfort and safety together with some real and reasonable objectives are our main objective when evaluating your case. A personalized and comprehensive evaluation is the key to offering you a treatment plan tailored for you.



A facial profile surgery to give harmony to your face begins with the nose, that is, a rhinoplasty that modifies the size or possible deformations, making sure that the new nose is provided with the rest of the patient's profile.

Rhinoplasty is performed in a specialized clinic with which we have special agreements, they have all the necessary surgical work equipment. Complex procedures may require a short hospital stay. The procedure generally takes 1 to 2 hours, but may take longer.

The nose and the surrounding area are numbed with local anesthesia. The patient will be sedated (relaxed and insensitive to pain) during surgery. General anesthesia allows you to sleep throughout the operation.

Surgery is usually done through a cut (incision) made inside the nostrils. In some cases, the incision is made from the outside, around the base of the nose. This type of incision is used to carry out work on the tip of the nose or if you need a cartilage graft. If the nose needs to be tuned, the incision can extend around the nostrils. A small incision can be made on the side of the nose to break it, and shape the bone.

The chin is the second point in this facial profile surgery and through a mentoplasty it is possible to fix a very large or very small chin in relation to the new nose.

Through surgery, the chin is reduced and modeled to the correct size. But if the problem is too small a chin, the surgeon will place implants to achieve the desired size. Either:

Reverse Mentoplasty;

To correct a prominent chin, a recoil mentoplasty softens the features, highlights the mouth and lips, and provides a sweeter, more feminine-looking profile.

The procedure for performing a recoil mentoplasty involves sanding the bone from the inside of the mouth through a small incision in the groove between the lower lip and the gums. Once the chin has been mobilized to the desired position, it is fixed with titanium micro-screws and the incision is sutured.

Augmentation mentoplasty;
To correct a too small chin. When the chin or chin has little or very little projection, an augmentation mentoplasty is used, a surgery that brings more strength and personality to the face, balancing its features and marking more the features.

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There are several techniques to perform augmentation mentoplasty, although the most common procedure is the implantation of a prosthesis. Depending on each case, the chin augmentation prosthesis can be placed in two ways: through an incision inside the mouth, which will not leave scars, or through a small cut below the chin, it will leave a scar just visible.

The third point of surgery is the cheekbones and by means of a malarplasty it is also possible to accentuate them using silicone implants or fat grafts or with non-absorbable injectable fillers.

There are other minor touch-ups that are performed once the surgeries mentioned are finished, they can be thin lips that are filled with injectable substances and with a liposuction in the neck area the jowl is removed.

A very subjective concept aesthetics can today redefine the profile of the face and create a new harmony resulting in a more attractive face even in people who with age have changes in their beauty patterns.

Facial aesthetics are currently closely linked with the different branches of facial beauty and with cosmetics, and fortunately, new plastic surgeries such as facial profiling not only provide excellent results, but the post-operative is shorter and the recovery time is shorter. gives in a few days.

Postoperative and care after a facial profiling

First postoperative day: It is recommended to be in absolute rest, so you will have better control of the inevitable discomfort suffered after the intervention. Above all, it is important to remain at rest to avoid possible bleeding. Hematomas and swelling will appear around the eye area. This is normal, so you shouldn't be alarmed. To reduce this swelling you can apply cold compresses to the inflamed area. When you come to the checkup, the doctor will remove the nasal plugs, but not the metallic splint, which you must wear for at least a week to protect the nose from any blow.


Second postoperative day: From the second day, the swelling and discomfort will begin to subside gradually. Surely, the Doctor will indicate that you can lead a normal life, as long as you do not carry out physical exercise or activities that require effort. You will also not be able to wear glasses and contact lenses for a few days. And, very important, you must take absolute care with the nose splint. Completely avoid moving or wetting it, as it must remain in place.


It is not common for pain to appear, but if necessary, it will be treated with pain relievers. Each patient may present with swelling, either of lesser or greater intensity and that may be accompanied by ecchymosis. You have to follow a diet that will consist of eating porridge and smoothies. You have to wait a bit to be able to eat normally the meals you used to eat.


When you go to bed the ideal thing will be to do it with your head facing the ceiling. It is good that after the procedure you can rest and be as relaxed as possible, since you have just had surgery, you have been under pressure and stress of the moment.


Avoid making a lot of effort, such as carrying the child or playing with your pet, since it can hit your face. It is recommended to protect yourself so that you cannot suffer any damage. The healing process is important, so you will have to protect yourself from the sun for at least 6 weeks until there is a healing process, otherwise it will hinder healing normally. It is recommended to use sunscreen during the postoperative period.

Although the patient will present inflation and where it can last one or two weeks, it will depend on the physical state of the patient, since each organism is different. The doctor will give medication recommendations to control inflammation.

It is important to follow the instructions of the surgeon after the procedure. It will depend on the care you keep in order to carry out a satisfactory process.



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